Calpine has entered into a third party freight management program to optimize inbound freight services and costs for the corporation. All goods provided under this purchase order shall be shipped as specified herein. All shipments shall be billed "THIRD PARTY" to Ardmore Power Logistics. Buyer reserves the right to reject C.O.D. shipments. Supplier shall not insure the goods for buyer's account during shipment except upon buyer's written request.

Inbound Shipments - Calpine Purchased Equipment & Supplies

Mark all Bills of Lading as follows:

Calpine's Purchase Order Number                                              
       Third party billing to:
       Calpine c/o Ardmore Power Logistics
       PO Box 771750
       Lakewood, OH 44107

Do NOT write "Collect" on Bill of Lading!

Backcharges: Supplier's failure to observe routing and shipping instructions or other provisions of this purchase order may result in backcharges to the Supplier, of the shipping costs incurred by Purchaser from such failure, including any administrative expenses incurred by the Purchaser.